Travel to Cuba legally with a company that has
15 years of travel experience to this island nation
that is frozen in a time warp from the 30’s, 40’s & 50’s.


You’ll learn through firsthand contact with Cuban artists, musicians, students, teachers, environmentalists, and others who are eager to exchange views with you on our ‘People-To-People’ tailor-made tours.


Carole Kracer, CEO, has been providing custom-designed travel experiences to Cuba for over 12 years. She first visited Cuba in 1956.

The itineraries created for you are customized to meet the needs and goals of your group, federation, synagogue, church, organization, affinity group, family, couples and friends. We have the resources to connect travelers to educators, scholars and people with whom you can engage in meaningful dialogue during your travels on custom-designed People-To-People programs.

For Information on our Tailor-Made Cuban Tours please contact us at:
Tel: 818.784.6641


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