CK Travel Services is the facilitator for your agenda. Along with tourist sites in Israel we custom design itineraries for federations, synagogues, organizations, affinity groups and families. We will combine any of the following and add your particular interests to create that 'special trip' for you.

  • Federation Missions - Experience an in-depth visit to Israel, including JAFI, JDC and P2K site visits. This is a great campaign tool. We are able to arrange people-to-people meetings and speakers from academia, the military and other sections of society.

  • Bar and Bat Mitzvah Family Tours - In addition to the Kotel & Massada, we have interesting sites (ancient and modern) throughout the country to celebrate this meaningful time, along with rabbis to assist you.

  • Spa Tours - Israel has many wonderful spas - from luxurious to simple -from the Dead Sea to the Galilee. Enjoy sampling them or just place one or two into your itinerary.

  • Adventure Tours - Hike the Ramon Crater in the Negev - bike around Lake Kinneret or the Hula Valley Lake. Hike the many trails around the country. Ride a Jeep in the desert or up the Golan Heights. Rappel -zip line -┬áriver rafting or kyaking. You can do it all in Israel.

  • Interfaith Tours - Synagogues & Churches bonding together in the country of faith.

  • Mystical Tours - Meditate & study in Safed & mystical sites throughout the country. Meet with Kabbalistic artists in Safed.

  • Wine and Gourmet Tours - Visit boutique wineries, olive & cheese farms. There are also interesting visits to chocolate factories. Shop with & take a cooking lesson with world class chefs. Eat in the newest restaurants, along with your old-time favorites.

  • Cultural Tours - Travel the country and meet with Israeli artists. Visit art galleries and atrist's studios. Private tours with curators are at your disposal in world class museums. Enjoy an evening with the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra, see a dance troup and the latest play in a theater, in English.

  • Affinity Groups - Meet with your colleagues in Israeli professional associations: doctors, dentists, lawyers, hi-techies, nurses, etc., etc.

    Itineraries are personalized to meet the goals & needs of your federation, synagogue, church, organization, affinity group & family.

    Any of the above can be placed into your custom-designed itinerary.



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